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Done Right Testing performs asbestos testing for homes and commercial sites. We would either perform asbestos air sampling or bulk material sampling or both depending on the circumstance. We offer same day visits for asbestos testing in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, and Warren County.


There are a multitude of reasons one may need to have asbestos testing performed: obtaining a demolition or renovation permit on your home, buying or selling a home, or just general heath concerns and wanting to know what kinds of materials are in your home of business.

Asbestos is found in a lot of places, including many that you would not think of including makeup, talcum powder, brakes and clutches in vehicles, HVAC insulation and more!



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What types of asbestos testing are there?

There are two primary types of testing performed by Done Right Testing: Bulk (Material) Testing and Air Sampling. Bulk material collection is a bit a misnomer as it is really only a small amount required – a sample will fit in a small sandwich Ziploc bag. The number of samples we are required to take is determined by the state Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency. The asbestos samples we take will be sent to a certified laboratory to determine if they are asbestos and, if so, how much and what kinds of asbestos are in the sample.

Bulk (Material) Testing

Bulk sampling methods depend on the types of material we are sampling and the square footage of the suspected Asbestos Containing Material. The rules for how we perform the tests and the number of samples that we take vary based on square footage, type of job, type of structure, and the material(s) we are testing.

asbestos testing nj

Air Sampling

We also perform asbestos air sampling. Air sampling should be performed if an asbestos abatement (removal) has taken place in your home to make sure that the abatement company removed all the asbestos containing material and that they did not leave behind any fibers. The test will also help assure you that no cross-contamination of your home has happened. Cross-contamination occurs when asbestos fibers escape the work area and are found in areas where there was no asbestos containing material prior to the job.

We set up number of Zefon vacuums pumps depending on the size of the project. A small plastic tube goes from the stand to the pump to collect the air. The pump pulls air in your home or business through the cassette at a set flow rate which is calibrated by a rotameter and the asbestos fibers, if present, will become trapped inside the cassette.

These cassettes are be analyzed at a certified laboratory using either PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) or TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) depending on the job and requirements to determine if any fibers are detected in the air inside your home. Once the results are received from the lab, we will generate a report and send it to you letting you know what was detected and at what levels.

Do you have any questions about this process? Please contact us right away and we would be happy to answer your questions!

asbestos testing nj
asbestos testing nj


The only way to be sure whether a material contains asbestos is to have it tested by a qualified laboratory. EPA only recommends testing suspect materials if they are damaged (fraying, crumbling) or if you are planning a renovation that would disturb the suspect material. Samples should be taken by a properly trained and accredited asbestos professional (inspector).

You can perform an internet search for “asbestos contractor” and the location of your home. Contact your state to determine what state training and accreditation requirements may exist for both the contractor and their workers. EPA recommends that you use an asbestos contractor that is properly trained to handle asbestos. New Jersey’s Department of Labor has a webpage for this which you can access by clicking here.

If you have vermiculite insulation in your home, you should assume this material may be contaminated with asbestos and be aware of steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from exposure to asbestos. The EPA recommends that vermiculite insulation be left undisturbed. Airborne asbestos fibers present a health risk through inhalation, so the first step is to not disturb the material, which could release fibers into the air.  The degree of health risk depends on how much and how often this occurred. If you choose to remove the vermiculite insulation, this work should be done by a trained and accredited asbestos abatement contractor that is separate and independent from the company that performed the assessment of the vermiculite insulation to avoid any conflict of interest.

Removal of the vermiculite insulation may not be necessary if it will be left undisturbed. If you choose to have the vermiculite insulation removed, the EPA recommends that you use a trained and accredited asbestos contractor that is separate and independent from the company that performed the assessment of the vermiculite insulation to avoid any conflict of interest.

We, Done Right Testing, can perform this service for you. Give us a call. Alternatively, you can perform an internet search for “asbestos inspection” or “asbestos material testing” or “asbestos testing” and the location of your home. Also, make sure that the inspector is properly trained and accredited by your state.

It is impossible to tell if a material in your home contains asbestos or not with the naked eye. If you suspect the material may contain asbestos, the EPA recommends that it is sampled properly by a trained and certified professional. For newly installed materials, you can ask the installer for a copy of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which will disclose whether asbestos is present in the material.
While it is no longer as prevalent, asbestos is legal once again for manufacturing, sale, and use in the United States. However, in 2019, New Jersey passed legislation making it illegal to sell or distribute asbestos products in the state.



What sets Done Right Testing apart from other testing companies is our ability to get on site quickly to collect our samples. We pride ourselves on offering same or next business day turnaround on most jobs.


Done Right Testing has no conflict of interests as we only provide testing services and do not try to sell you remediation services. You can be sure that you are getting unbiased, honest testing results that you can save you money.


We employ experienced IICRC technicians to ensure mold scopes meet the standard of work you should have followed to safely take care of your home. Rest assured that tests are performed by qualified technicians only.


Same Day Service is available to North and Central New Jersey. Offering services to Southern New Jersey by appointment only. Our lab performs next day turnaround for our samples which allows us to get results to you within 48 hours of our visit to your location.

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Call, Email, or Fill Out the Form Below to setup your complimentary consultation. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Done Right Testing is a leading Asbestos Inspector that provides Asbestos Monitoring, Asbestos Inspections and Asbestos Testing in Newark NJ, Jersey City NJ, Bayonne NJ, Linden NJ, Irvington NJ, Ridgewood NJ, Franklin Lakes NJ, Paramus NJ, Saddle River NJ, Essex Fells NJ, Alpine NJ, Millburn NJ, Rumson NJ, Summit NJ, Bernards Township NJ, Princeton NJ, Chatham NJ, Tenafly NJ, Warren Township NJ, Wyckoff NJ, Montgomery Township NJ, South Orange NJ, Verona NJ, East Windsor NJ, West Windsor NJ, Princeton NJ, Laurence Harbor NJ, Keansburg NJ, Keyport NJ, Sayreville NJ and surrounding areas.


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I called Done right testing at the eleventh hour to get an asbestos test performed on the old carpet adhesive left on my subfloor before getting new carpet put in 2 rooms. Mike was at my house within the hour. He was very professional, offered advice on a mold issue as well while he was there and thankfully the result was negative.  I highly recommend their services for promptness, price and the fact that they use a 3rd party lab would have helped for legal reasons if the result had been positive.
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Michael was really helpful in performing an inspection and testing to find an odor that wouldn’t go away in our home. We have a newborn baby, and we were concerned the odor was indicative of problem that could pose potential health issues, especially for our baby. It was a leaky pipe we did not know we had, and the resulting water and mold damage that we were smelling.
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Great company. Extremely knowledgeable and thorough and very friendly, personable guys.